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Your Property Guardian

Pictures e-mailed to you after every inspection...

Your Property Guardian specializes in providing an inspection and reporting service to lakefront and oceanfront properties throughout the southern Maine area, and checking on properties that are left vacant for periods of time. 
Your Property Guardian will send you an e-mail with pictures of the property and date and time it was visited.   The property needs to have a road that is passable or plowed in the winter months.  For your convenience, you can make a payment using Pay Pal below: 

Option 1:  Monthly Outside Inspection  $50.00 per month

Option 2:  Weekly Outside Inspection  $25.00 per week or $100.00 per month

Option 3: Weekly Outside & Inside Inspection  $40.00 per week or $160 a month

Option 4:  Monthly Outside & Inside Inspection $75.00

Your Property Guardian is available by cell phone 24 hours a day
(207) 329-5854
If you don't get Captain John immediately, please leave a voice mail message.  
 Voice mail messages are listened to frequently thoughout the day and night. 
You can also contact Captain John by e-mail:
Again, e-mail is checked frequently thoughout the day.